For me, landscape photography is a necessity. To be out in the natural world, among the trees and the rocks, the way nature has made and arranged them is one of life’s most satisfying things. Our natural world is receding each day as civilization is constantly encroaching upon it. Forests, deserts and open spaces are disappearing. The ability to articulate these experiences in photographs and express them as art is a true blessing which I strive to hone and improve each time I am in Nature. Most of my images are produced in limited editions of only 250. Each custom print has a unique serial number and once an edition is sold out, the original transparency is retired. No further fine art prints will be made from it. This helps to protect your investment in the growing field of photographic art. I try to create images of our natural world; images that convey a sense of the untouched and unspoiled, those special places that retain a special aura of peace and creation.

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